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by LIM

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{.Limerence & Reddening.}

Jaw clenched, in feverish admiration,
perturbed in sleep, walled-in delirium,
the Quasar-King of Liquid Light,
gnawing at & grinding bones of past dross-like paramours,
at last summons the enticing Golden Beloved to approach…
once again.

The withering Divorcee, thus shunned in a corner,
smiling ever so faintly in the Fade,
has to welcome the succeeding Beauteous Flame,
within the Dark Chambers she'll soon be calling Home,
so to be seated at the left of the August Beast,
as Queen and Soul of All Ardor & Yearning.

By Capricious Storms and Cruel Thunder!
Come hither Dearest Nymph!
May thy Reign be harsh & yet delightful
to the One longing only for thee!

For none can claim back the Satin Throne now…
As the depths of your Eyes, the grace of your Looks,
are keeping the Unworthy leeches at bay,
Despite their clinging on to Royal Blood,
falsely claiming to own splintered parts of the Regent's heart.

But it is not so, dearest Love…
The King requires its Lady to be Whole-Anew.

& as you may have heard,
the Queen is dead,
All Hail the Queen!

• • •

"The ambient pieces are quite sombre, something about them reminds me of the depths of space, or, perhaps some inner dimension that is unfathomable in its spatial layout - reaching both within and beyond. The Congress piece has this sort of dissonant unity and a sort of reverberation that seems to carry one out in waves towards some Unknown." - Patrick John Larabee.


released June 18, 2014

Music by K. Turpin.
Text by G. McCaughry.
Photography by Ali Schick.


all rights reserved


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